How it was created?

Available in Serbian language only

In cooperation with Webiz, a well-known domestic company whose conferences you have certainly already attended, recognizable by the quality of speakers, panelists, lecturers and interesting content, we decided to go one step further and bring biohacking to your home. With the help of the domestic online educational Webiz platform, created in cooperation with numerous experts from various fields who will be in the role of lecturers this time and with a handful of new courses, bring useful and interesting knowledge, skills and many new successes. Thus, in 2020, the course "Biohacking - activate superpower in you" was created. The goal of this course is to bring you closer to biohacking and increase awareness of all the benefits that biohacking provides and make a positive impact on you and your environment. This course is a unique way to get acquainted with biohacking from the comfort of your own home, and improve without much effort. Eight lessons, carefully designed, with concrete, concise and precise advice, will provide you with the necessary knowledge and provide a number of useful tools that make all your daily tasks faster, easier and more efficient. The course is intended for students of all ages.


1. Introduction to biohacking

2. Biohacker nutrition

3. "Brain foods" and micronutrients

4. The power of hormones

5. Dream and light

6. Brain development

7. Brain management

8. Focus and speed reading

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