Years of experience

“During all these years, I gained experience in the field of biohacking by learning from the world's greatest experts such as Dave Asprey and Anthony DiClementi and became a leading expert in this field in South East Europe, testing all biohacking techniques that came to my mind and brought me to the limits of human possibilities. All those biohacks that proved to be the most effective, I applied in the process of improving the ability and daily performance of clients, which led to phenomenal results, after which I came up with the idea to establish Biohacking Academy and raise my business to a higher level.

As the founder of the first biohacking educational company in Serbia, my job is to create ways and strategies to improve the business processes of companies and the lifestyle of individuals with the help of biohacking. By passing on the knowledge of biohacking to the rest of society, my job is also to help people improve their body, their mind and their abilities in order to achieve better results in any field.

Bojan Matić

What to expect?

Our work usually begins with filling out a questionnaire that allows us to single out each client as a unique individual, detect problems, set goals and begin to strive for them together. We suggest to each of our clients, who wants to improve themselves, to fill in this questionnaire first, so that the biohacking plan would be maximally effective. Instead of "diving into the unknown", we will know what the problems are and where to start solving them. Then, with a good foundation, we can be ready to sail into the waters of biohacking and awaken that "superpower" that we didn't even know we had.

Biohacking is not for those who plan to become or stay average, but for those who intend to become extraordinary. By testing your brain and body to the extreme, you will first find out where your limits are, which would otherwise remain unknown. You can always imagine what you could do, but you would never actually find out if you didn’t try. Biohacking will solve this problem, you will know exactly how much you can do, it simply awakens the best from you, from within, from that deepest part of your being. When you get there, you will find a better self that will have some better future and staying that way will become your mission.