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Lectures on biohacking can be very interesting. They hit the essence and reveal how to bring ourselves into some of the phenomenal states, such as the state of high focus, productivity, creativity. You will learn how to pass a difficult exam that you have failed for months, how not to be conflicted and stressed, how to be full of energy when everyone else is falling from fatigue. And what you’re sure to learn is a lot about the brain that you didn’t know before. Something new and above all useful.

With biohacking, you function on another level, you become faster and better, so the future you have planned does not seem so far away. Sometimes it will involve exercise and training, consuming some food or adopting a new habit, and sometimes just installing a mobile app on our phone. Biohacking is a small and simple change, never difficult and strenuous, which should become our routine and habit with daily repetition. The biggest benefit is that it allows you to do more good and achieve more in your life. Take this opportunity and step into the world of biohacking.


The lecture can be about biohacking in general and fitted into one single lecture, or it can be conceived as a series of lectures divided into 3-5 separate ones, which can cover more topics and go deeper into the very essence of the lecture topic. The area of infulence of biohacking are diverse and the lectures can be completely adapted to the requirements of the clients. Some suggestions for lecture topics:

  • Biohaking (Superpower in us)
  • Brain foods
  • Hormones (All the secrets of motivation, inspiration, creativity and better mood)
  • Dream as a pillar of success
  • Driving energy
  • All-day focus
  • Faster learning and speed reading
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