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It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Biohacking Academy. We were founded in 2020 after four years of experience and training, with one noble mission; to help clients unleash their maximum potential, become better and achieve more in any field of their work, no matter if it is sports, science, business, health or something completely different. We offer education in the form of courses, lectures and workshops, individual and corporate training on the topic of biohacking, an innovative branch of science especially popular in Silicon Valley, the cradle of technology and innovation of our time.

Under the guidance of the first biohacker and biohacking trainer in our region, Bojan Matić, with the help of completely natural and proven effective biohacking methods (biohacks), we manage to contribute to improving the body and mind to the extreme, which leads to the ultimate goal; improving our abilities to the maximum.

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About Us

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a mixture of many elements such as neuroscience, biology, yoga, nutrition, fitness and others. It serves to get the most out of us in order to achieve better results. What biohacking provides is primarily optimization of the body, better brain function by improving cognitive abilities, faster reading, better memory, better focus, higher energy levels, stress elimination, better mood, better sleep, higher levels of motivation, inspiration, productivity, creativity and improvement in general health. The difference between biohacking and other methods of self development is in its unique approach to our biology. So, it is a targeted self-conscious influence on a segment of the organism in order to make a certain useful change.

A biohacker can be anyone who is willing to learn the basics of how their body works. We don't need to be doctors of medicine or professors of biology. We just need to introduce new rules into our daily lives that will help us improve.

Biohacking is there to enable us to become outstanding in what we are good at or improve what we think we are lacking.”


One-on-One mentoring

The individual One-on-One approach enables a powerful action on a specific client's problem without omitting all other segments of biohacking as a whole. A carefully designed questionnaire for clients makes it possible to address the problem precisely and achieve results quickly.

Online course

Take a peek into the world of biohacking and learn how to advance the brain to its limits, how to develop it regardless of age, how to include parts of the brain that you have never used or haven't used for a very long time and step into the world of unlimited possibilities.

Corporate trainings

Fully tailored to customer needs to best meet all requirements. The individuality of each group of people and its members determines the direction of development and the priority goal of training. The interactive approach pays special attention to individuals and makes training more efficient.


Unique lectures on many segments of biohacking according to the client's wishes. Interesting, interactive, completely adapted to the age and level of the target audience. Supported by international literature by world-renowned authors and research by the most famous research institutes.


Is biohacking some kind of medical treatment?

-No. The action of biohacking ends where medicine begins. It is not intended to treat diseases. It is intended for healthy people, unlike medicine, which involves acting on sick people and treating the diseases themselves. What both sciences support, both medicine and biohacking, is the preservation of the health and immune system in healthy people, which is the closest correlation between these two sciences.

Is biohacking dangerous?

-Absolutely not, if we are talking about completely healthy people. It is recommended that sick people consult a doctor and an experienced biohacker at the same time, because certain methods may need to be avoided.

Is biohacking intended for children or exclusively for adults?

-It is intended for everyone, regardless of age, gender or the environment they come from.

Is biohacking the same as transhumanism, and does it mean putting electronic implants under the skin?

-Biohaking is not transhumanism, it is based on the application of completely natural principles of neuroscience, biology, nutrition, fitness, yoga and others. There is a small part of the biohacking community that calls themselves "grinders", they actually implement small NFC or Bluetooth electronic devices under their skin to easily or more accurately perform some actions such as measuring body temperature or the contactless opening of the electronic lock without the need for physical unlocking. Due to the small and very limited scope of action, which can only improve the process of performing an action in the short term, and the very absence of natural methods, the rest of the biohacking community does not support such a thing but supports measuring results with the use of technologies such as smartwatches or smartphone apps.

Is biohacking related to psychology or NLP?

-No, on the contrary, biohacking does not deal with psychology, but exclusively with targeted physical impact on some part of the organism. We influence the biology or human physiology in order to achieve a desired useful outcome in a controlled way.

Is biohacking actually a placebo effect?

-The answer is no. The placebo effect is a phenomenon when, on someone else's initiative, we believe in an extremely optimistic claim, and in that way, with the power of that belief, we convince, "deceive", our subconscious brain to realize that belief. Biohacking is a self-conscious controlled influence on the chemical processes in our body, and filling in the gaps with all those things that we lack that we didn't even know about. Self-awareness is exactly what does not exist with placebo and with biohacking it is the fundamental basis.

Is biohacking the same as genetic engineering?

-No. Biohacking is something completely different, although individuals are trying to link biohacking to certain experimental products of genetic engineering such as, still insufficiently tested, CRISPR technology. Biohacking partially deals with nutrigenomics, a science that studies the impact of food on the human body, more precisely on human genes, in order to make positive improvements. Quality genes require quality nutrition, and biohacking reveals which food sources best provide this.