Biohacking in business

"I come from the world of electrical engineering, networking and expansion of technology and startup culture, from the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Belgrade and ICThub, a phenomenal incubator and cradle of many startups, so I know the startup mentality very well. Like many of you, I also help people grow their businesses, but in a quite different way. ”

Bojan Matić

What each development process brings with it is a sense of purpose, passion and energy that enable a promising team to place their business on the right market and at the right time, realize the idea and increase the scalability rate to the maximum. Also in this development process of a startup, frequent occurrences, after encountering obstacles in a fight with windmills and a breakthrough in the existing or non-existent market are: lack of motivation, creativity, focus, energy and the presence of stress which is the ultimate inevitable problem, which make us to lose the race against time and do not meet the deadlines and miss out on phenomenal opportunities. The combination of all this can extinguish the initial zeal of a startup team and turn a phenomenal innovation into a disappointment and a failed project. With corporate training, everything that is phenomenal remains phenomenal.

What does it provide?

Biohacking is a way to act on each of these problems, to influence them in physically tangible, concrete and proven ways, and to solve all these problems effectively. So no abstract or psychological methods. The application of biohacking in business increases the chances of success and the speed of its achievement. It is important to say that there is no person who cannot apply these techniques. Biohacking was not created in Silicon Valley for no reason, it is simply effective and those who have tried it, they knows that very well. As someone who supports the development of innovation, I can say that I can influence every innovator to be even better at what he does.

Our approach consists of two segments, we will first discover what areas of our daily life we need to change in order to be maximally efficient during one daily cycle, raise the level of our performance and exceed all predicted limits.

After getting acquainted with the daily routine and the processes that take place during one daily cycle in our body and our environment, in the second segment we discover a lot about what you did not know before. About ways to influence it, to improve and develop it. How to remove everything that hinders and slows it down, improving the time of our skills, abilities, performance and general health.