In order to provide clients with better results in any field they deal with, our work is based on the following:

  • initiating processes leading to Alpha and Theta brain states, high focus, productivity, creativity, stronger wish to accomplish something.
  • stimulating the work of mitochondria and thus a higher level of energy
  • stimulating the process of brain development, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, regardless of age and increasing IQ up to an additional 15
  • promoting a diet rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, DHA and other elements that improve brain function (Brain foods)
  • elimination of foods that adversely affect the brain and daily performance
  • reducing hormone levels to affect mood and better overall performance
  • use crosslateral methods for instant better results, such as increasing reading speed and memory recall speed
  • use of effective stress relief methods
  • organism detoxification program
  • improving sleep quality and harmonizing circadian rhythm
  • program with a focus on longevity, application of methods that reduce biological age compared to chronological age
  • ... and about 20 more custom programs for people of all ages and walks of life.

The basis of each of the programs is the application of a natural concept.

Our founder

Bojan Matić was born in Belgrade in 1990, and is an electrical and computer engineer by profession. After encountering the powerful effects of biohacking for the first time, in 2016. he actively began researching this area, which by definition is a science of high performance, improving the body and brain with the help of innovative ways that allow us to achieve more. Through many years of perfecting such methods and testing his own body to the extreme limits of human capabilities, he became a leading expert in South East Europe in the field of biohacking.

Bojan is an author, lecturer, consultant and the first and only biohacking trainer in our area. He considers his greatest success to be achieving excellent results during cooperation with numerous clients of all ages, with the help of biohacks and revolutionary methods, which enabled them to move forward and achieve their most diverse goals faster, from passing exams, advancing in business positions to achieving fantastic sports results, better mood and improved health. It is oriented towards innovation and everything that leads to creation, discovery of new things and progress.